Never ask "Will I outlive my money in retirement?" again...

...once you take the biggest risks in retirement off the table. We'll show you how.

"Finally, someone who understands the key risks in retirement.
And more importantly, what to do about it."

You just want a rock-solid,
easy-to-understand way to have a safe and secure retirement, right?

You can relax, because Tim will show you how.

Meet Tim Adams

Tim Adams is a CPA and Retirement Risk Specialist with a rare combination of expertise and experience in Social Security, taxes and investing strategies.

Tim understands the confusion and frustration that comes from trying to sort through the varying opinions out there and zero-in on what makes the most sense for you and your personal situation.

Do the sensible thing, and start building a  relationship with Tim Adams, CPA so you can start enjoying the retirement of your dreams.

How Are We Different?

There are countless financial advisors and retirement planners, but there are only a select few with the expertise to devise a tailor-made, risk-reducing plan that combines the complexities of Social Security and taxes along with the appropriate investment strategies for the Retirement (Withdrawal) Phase of your money management.

Putting YOU First...

As a CPA, Tim has a legal fiduciary responsibility to all his clients and takes that responsibility seriously.

"The clients' best interest over mine, every time."
- Tim Adams

Each of our financial strategies and planning solutions are carefully crafted on a personalized, case-by-case basis. Every recommendation is snowflake-unique vs. the one-size-fits-all approach you see from others.

One Best Strategy?

Looking for your "one best strategy" as you head into retirement?

Sorry to burst your bubble ... but no one can tell you that.

Your one best strategy can only be determined after you die, when the light of history can shine on
the numbers with complete, unbiased accuracy.

Instead, what we provide is an optimal strategy. (Not supported by my opinion or anyone else's, but backed by math & science.)

Your optimal strategy is the one that's most favorable, meaning it's most likely to be the best...
and will never be the worst.

Retirement Planning Made Simple

Retirement planning can be boiled down to these two questions:

If you don't know or aren't sure, we should talk.

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